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UniCreatures. A community to post your virtual pet
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This is a community to post your UniCreatures and as such, we are in no way officially affiliated with the UniCreatures website.

Membership will be granted to any that apply for it unless they have been banned previously for spamming.

If you have been banned from the community do not try and get a friend to post your UniCreatues for you. When we discover this to be the case your friend will be banned from the community.


1.) One Post Per Day: You may make one post a day. Please feel free to go back and edit your post to add more creatures, just make sure to follow the One Post Per Day rule. Members making more that one post per day will be given a warning, and if you continue to break this rule, all of your posts on the front page of the community will be deleted and you will be told to refrain from posting for a day. After this, and you continue to post more than once a day or you do not adhere to the 24 hour posting ban, you will be removed and banned from the community. Sorry if this seems a bit harsh, but we've had some issues with spammers.

2.) LJ-cuts are NOT required, (this rule may be amended at a later date depending on how large the community gets).

3.) This community is for the posting of UniCreatures ONLY: Discussion and questions about UniCreatures is also welcome. Members posting other virtual pets will be given one warning and then asked to remove the non-UniCreature from their post. After this and they post another non-UniCreature the member will be banned.

4.) Membership is moderated. You must be a member of this community in order to post your UniCreatures. Please make sure that you create your own post for your UniCreatures instead of posting in a thread of another person's post. If you have a question as to why your request to join the community has not been approved, please send an email to renitaleandra@yahoo.com with your question. Usually, requests are approved within the hour that they were made, BUT THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE! So please don't send in hourly requests. This will only serve to aggravate the mods.

5.) This community is rated PG: Please refrain from using icons and language that you wouldn't show/say infront of a toddler or your grandmother, okay?

6.) Have fun!