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renitaleandra wrote in unicreatures
Post your UniCreatures questions here.

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I hope this is the right place to post this, if not mods are welcome to delete this....
But, how do I collect Noble and Exalted eggs? I've got five fully developed creatures, but I've no idea how to you collect the special eggs.
Thanks in advance:)

When you have a fully developed creature, you can get Noble and Exalted eggs of that family. They show up in the egg basket, but they're rare, so you have to be patient and on the lookout for eggs looking slightly different. Typically the Noble and Exalted eggs have a slightly different colour than the normal eggs in that family.

sorry not very knowledgeable with the LJ way of doing things I tried reading the "guidelines for posting and editing" but am still lost.
When I posted from the link there it just put it in my LJ not on the community did I mess up or did I miss something?

Ah! That's because I forgot to add in the bit where you choose what to post to! I'll fix that right away. Thanks for pointing it out.

On the post entry page you can see your own user name in a little drop down box. It's right next to your icon. If you click there you can choose the comm instead of your own journal. :)

Edited at 2009-03-08 04:31 pm (UTC)

and there it is thank so much

I have looked around and actually joined a community -added my trained evolved babies. I went to the adventure and get a message in red you do not have those creatures and need 1 adventure point. Please advise me were to find information so I can take an adventure. Thanks

Re: New to Unicreatures

In order to continue with an adventure, whatever creature you click on to go on, you must have.

Example: The creature Flarius appears with "Go on to the hallway" written below the image. If you do not have a Flarius, then you will not be able to continue with the adventure.

In addition you are allotted a certain number of Adventure points, Energy Points, and Combat Points which can each be used in their respective areas. If you do not have enough points for whatever area you are trying to work with--in your case it was Adventure--then you will need to wait a few minutes for your points to build back up.

Let me know if you are still confused. Also, I would highly recommend reading the official UniCreatures FAQ. They go in to detail over pretyt much everything.

Re: New to Unicreatures

Thanks for the informaion. I did read the FAQ but guess I missed this information. Thanks again

I've read the FAQ's but I'm still unsure about what happens in combat.

1. When you fight with another squad, is the other team there, or do you just fight with the team while the owner is unknowing?

2. How do you fight? Is it set up like the adventures in story form?

3. What happens if you run out of combat points? Do you wait like in the adventures to regain them?

4. Do your creatures die if you lose a fight?

5. Is it better to use fully trained creatures or not? I read that it doesn't make sense to have creatures with over 270 total combat points, but trained creatures are better. Yet, I wasn't clear on that because some people say it's better to fight stronger squads and if you over train, there wouldn't be any stronger squads.

6. Which creatures are better in a squad than others? I'm assuming a Golem would be better than an Armor, but are there others that are better?

Thanks so much for your help! I've been a bit nervous to make up a squad, but I really want more coins. :)

1) The other team is not "there" as I think you are referring to. No one is ever made aware of what teams have combated their own.

2) The fights are not set up in adventure form. Once you have created your team you simply click on the name of the team you wish to fight, and then you are told whether you won or not. If you win you will be awarded points. Wins against Strong teams awards more points than wins against Easy teams.

3) Yes, you must wait for your combat points to build back up.

4) No, your creatures will never die.

5) I use fully trained creatures but I'm not sure that it matters all that much. I haven't seen the reference to 270 combat points so I can't answer your question there.

6) I don't know.

Re: Combat Questions

Thanks so much!

I misquoted the number and type - it's 272 power points.
Once a creature has earned +100 Combat Rating from powers alone (it takes 272 total power scores to do this), increasing powers will no longer help them. Shortly put - if your creature has a combined power value total of 272 or higher, you don't need to train powers anymore for combat purposes.

One last question, if I could.
Can I trade out creatures in my squad or am I stuck with the ones I pick forever?

I really appreciate your help!

Yes you can always trade out creatures on your combat squad.

I just created a community for unifaction members and wondered if you'd like to link to each other. Since both are "Uni" based it might help with members. Though albiet, you wont get many from my side just yet. xD In the future however, it may be beneficial.

What are your thoughts?

I'll discuss it with my fellow mod and see what she thinks.

While I'm waiting to be approved, I'll post a question I've been wondering about for a while.

How often can you click on your own eggs?

Most days I can get two lots of feeding/caring/playing in but some days it's only one and others I can do three. Is there a set number of hours between allowed clicks? If there is then knowing the schedule will hopefully help me get more clicks in any given day.

Thanks :)

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