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the uni-sites are gone
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acciochocolate wrote in unicreatures

This post will explain a lot.

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Thank you for that link, it was helpful. It's sad to hear of such happening, but I hope the new site will bring back people and bring in new. I'm sure the pets will be just as wonderful.

Damn. I've been wondering why it was down, but I figured it was a server upgrade or something similar. I never spent much time on the forums, but visiting UniCreatures (first the old site, and then both sites) has been a daily thing for me since 2009 - it's the only clickable pet game I've stuck with. Deleting both sites from my bookmarks felt really strange.

Nothing in that DA post surprises me, though. Like I said, I wasn't a forum regular, but I lurked enough and saw enough of Acid/Taruspin/Brint to read it and go, "Yup, that sounds like him".

Thanks for the link. I've been trying to find out what happened.

This is really childish. Even if everything was beyond salvaging, shutting it all down without even posting a "gone forever, sorry" page in its place is inexcusable.

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